Friday, June 26, 2009

Konnichiwa! ^^

Welcome to my blog!! ^^ This is my second blog....I have a friendster blog but due to some circumstances I made another one! Yay! (should I be happy about this?)

First, pardon my English especially in grammar...I'm not really good at it...*sigh* Still...I hope I can improve so do help me and correct me if I got wrong somewhere! ^^

Second, I'm an aspired writer...I love to write but just too lazy at times...T_T Currently I'm working on a story that will be posted hope to receive some tell me what do you feel from it, any idea, and most important of all...any mistake in my English! *sigh* I really have to learn more....

I'm going to enter university really soon so might not be able to be active...T_T Do wish me luck!!

You can always contact me via this

Dozo yoroshiku...onegaishimasu!! ^^


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