Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of Blogging, Life, and Japanese.

I'll say this straight, this posts is the result of boredom and internet being slower than usual I'm on the verge of breaking something and decided to write something so that I won't end up doing something I regret later. Get the idea? Good. Basically I feel like ranting anyway so bear with me, or simply close this tab/window. Heh~

So, looking at the title above, it sounds a bit, uh, uncreative? Nevertheless it sums up what this post is all about, which is a good thing considering I basically am a complete fail when it comes to summary, really.

I'll try not to rant too much, but I know better than to trust my fingers when it starts typing so...

Of blogging, the idea of writing this posts is due to the fact that I felt extremely bad for this blog for having such little posts. I mean, this is my 5th post, this year. And it's like what, 3 freaking months already! Damn, I'm such a lazy blogger, ain't I? LOL.

This brings me to the very reason WHY I made this blog at the first place, (quoting En. Yuszren my Technopreneurship lecturer: Know your aim/reason and stick to it -ok I admit I made that up but I know it's something along the line. LOL.) which is of course, for my writing. Now that I'll no longer posting it here and move it to Livejournal instead (read further in last post, there's a damn explanation there) this blog kind of lose it's meaning (to my horror!) but I don't want to delete it either so the best way is change the reason, the aim.

Besides, it's not that I only post my writing, there's also random rant (like this one) and manga/anime/drama etc. recommendation which usually the result of my flailing over the said series. So, again, I'm reassuring everyone here (and myself) that NO, I'M NOT GOING TO DELETE THIS BLOG. Okay, it's final~ ^^

Of life, I kind of having it bad now. It's 3 weeks (or is it 2?) to go to final exam for the semester (time sure flies~) and Technopreneurship kind of driving people nuts for a reason. The assignments are never-ending (so as Japanese, but that's a different story altogether) and like I said, it drives people (me) crazy. By the time I'm typing this we're to hand over our Business Modal by Friday as our final assignments before the ultimate presentation next week. NEXT WEEK. I'm so dead. It's now confirmed that Techno (the shorter way to say it) is one of the subject that practically kills me for good.

I went to UMS Sejati Camping before (last 2 weeks? What happened to my memory?!) and it brings a mixture of feelings. One, I like it was held by a beach (always have a thing for beaches and nature. Save the Earth!). Two, I hate it drained my energy like what and cramp both my legs (never the outdoor type I am). Three, it is the same week with Super Junior Concert in KL (not like I can go but yeah, I have mixed feelings because of this, perhaps).

It'll be a whole lot of work to talk (type) about the camp so I'll just drop the idea off. Besides, it's not like it's that interesting and whatnot to share. I'll just keep it in memory~ ^^ I wrote something during the camp though, and as much as I like the draft, I don't have a plot. Which sucks, big time. I mean, what the heck is a story without a plot?! I have about 5-6 drafts with lack of plots hanging around in my laptop (and that excluded the draft for Chapter 2) I find myself blank more often than not. The last time it happened like this is before I had my major writer's block before, to my horror!

I seriously need to work my brain, really. To add to that, don't expect any new updates in the near future. I might starts posting the one-shots that already existed here of simply finish posting the three-shot (you know which one, it's too long for a title I don't have the heart to spell it out now).

A few days after I got back from the camp, and my legs starts to feel better from all the fatigues, I fell down the stairs, like, really. It sounds stupid, I know but it's no joke when I twisted my left ankle and hey, it's not my fault that blog have the lamps broken (it was at night) and the stairs are slippery, right? Talk about bad luck. But then, thank goodness I just missed about two steps, or I'll be in ER for good. Heck, I even climbed up to my room on 4th floor like right after the incident! Haha~ By now it's already okay (I can already walk like usual) and I think I can even starts running around too. There's still a soft pain if I stretched the leg in a roundabout way, but other than that, I can say I'm (almost?) fully healed~ ^^

Reminder to everyone (and me), take care of your health (leg)~ LOL.

Of Japanese, (damn this post is LONG for a rant!) I've done my oral test and have to say I'm really proud of how it turned out to be. I don't stutter much like the practice time and it end up goes smoother than I thought. I also seems to adapt myself comfortably with how Fuji-sensei works and it surprised me to no end how I don't really depressed because of the home works compare to other subjects, much to my own amusement~

My friends been asking me to teach them Japanese now that I have the opportunity so I was thinking of putting what I learned here in this blog. Which brings us to the reason/aim up there. Instead of moping about not knowing what to do with this blog, it'll be great to give it a brand new purpose, no?

So! I guess it's final. I'll use this blog as my other Japanese textbook and put it all here. I might start this project this end-of-semester holiday, which is for about 2 months, so do expect more updates on May-July! ^^

I'll try to finish up those drafts too during the period, for now I'm going to focus on those darn assignments and the upcoming final exam so do give me support, minna-san!

Till then, ja ne~

Music of the Day: Outsider-Acquintance

P/S: Korea's fastest rapper is back with a new song and he is still so damn fast as ever. The melody is awesome and if you like Loner, you'll definitely love this one, hands down. I have a hard time figuring out the mv though, anybody mind to tell me what in the world is it about? LOL.

In my playlist which tends to give me hell these days. Something to do about YouTube and streaming and bah, idek.

~The-Too-Much-Typing/Ranting Heiji.

Planning to organize my blogs, and when I said 'blogs', it's both this one and Livejournal. I realized my posts (or rather the writings) are quite scrambled around the blogs, so might put more links to connect the stories together.

Of course, this is a plan which will be a reality in the future (not now, please) as it already have almost 90% approval in my head.

Talk about irony~ heh!


  1. hahahaha~ cheers to the never ending works~ Techno is a killer subject. you got to be careful and you'll be meeting(with lots of LUCK) Sir again next 2 semester(if there's no changes for the lecturers).

    I've been wondering, should i post my writing in Livejournal or in Blog? coz i do have an account in Livehournal but i rarely post anything there (it only have 1 post). hahaha.. But i didnt have an account for blogspot. hehehe..

    i've read your story entitle i-forgot-the-name-of-the-story-coz-it's-too-eccentric-but-awesome. It was good. but damn i dont understand what's goin on in there.. huhuhuhu..

    can't wait for another writing post~ *wink*
    ganbatte ne~

  2. Cheers~ (halfheartedly? LOL.) I don't know if I can handle it, really. The subject's final exam is on the first week (based on what people told me) and I have no idea AT ALL what I'm going to answer then, to my horror. Sigh~

    I'm going to say this straight, use Livejournal. It's ok if you want to use blogspot but if you don't want to get frustrated like hell due to huge editing and whatnot later, use Livejournal, hands down. It's easier and more convenient (to me, at least). Maybe you can try both first and then see which one suits you more~ ^^

    I've added you in Livejournal already, and yeah, you should add more posts, I think. LOL.

    I know, read the comment there...thanks a lot! You have no idea how happy I am~ The story entitled I-know-the-title-is-darn-eccentric-as-it's-the-result-of-my-emo-head-and-beloved-dictionary-combine-forces-on-me-for-no-particular-reason a.k.a The Incessant Restriction of Catharsis is a story that earn a soft spot in me (maybe because of the title LOL) and glad that you think that it's awesome! Thank you~ I'm sorry you don't understand it and I'll explain it in the reply to your comment in livejournal (so as not to spoil anything here, heh!) Again, thanks~!

    I'll try my best to write more~ (though it's kind of unlikely in the near future...T_T) Thanks for the warm support~!

    Arigatou gozaimasu~ ^^

  3. heiji-san!! gomen2 for not walking to your blog for the past one month (err..hehe) already! waa~

    hey! don't close this blog even though you already have another one!

    aha! what a pity of you,, sorry for not knowing that you fell down the stairs! waa.. take a good care of your (my) health~

    of japanese, waa i would love if you post something about what you've learned here!

    wee,i'm going back to Malaysia this July and it's a-two-months-and-a-half-holiday not like before this that i told in my blog. Yay! \^0^/ And we'll meet on this Raya. Really, i miss you much! waa!!

  4. It's ok~ Not like I updated that much anyways...LOL.

    I know...that's why the resolution there...I'm NOT GOING TO DELETE THIS BLOG! ^^

    It's okay, really. My legs all well by now already btw~ ^^

    IKR! Many people seems to cheer for that...LOL. Besides it'll do good for me to make sure I don't forgot or something~ ^^

    Really? OMG that's great! Can't wait to see you then!!!! ^^

    Missed you too btw~ T_T

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  6. Really? Oh thanks a lot! That's nice of you~

    Erm...I'm quite new in blogging so I'm not really sure if I can really help/guide...but I'll try and drop by sometimes~ ^^

    Again, thanks!