Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-I and The Incessant Restriction of Catharsis

It's been awhile, but then, what can I say? And the title is a bit...long? LOL.

Just like what I've mentioned on the last post, I've decided to post my stories on Livejournal ONLY, giving that Blogspot hates me to the core when it comes to my stories, much to my dismay.

But don't worry, I'll post the link to it here, and no, I'm not going to abandon this blog. Livejournal is strict to my writing, and writing only. I still going to rant once in awhile here~ LOL.

It feels a bit sad thinking the posts here after this will not be as long as before (I realized my friends' post here in blogspot gets shorter by time, I wonder why?) now that there are no more stories, but I'm assured that it is better this way. It took me less than an hour (heck less than half an hour maybe?) to post 3 stories all in one go, and have to admit I'm really happy with it. Even the stories come out more organized and neater to my liking~

I don't lock my posts (they have that function there, mind you) so don't worry of not having an account. You can still view and leave comments there (as anonymous maybe, I'm not really clear about that. Do leave your name if you leave it as anonymous so I can know who you are~) which is of course, highly appreciated~

So far, there are some one-shots that available here and not there but I planned to posts it all there, along with the further installments. I don't plan on deleting the stories here though, so don't worry.

The cuts on Literally -Chapter 1 is the same here and there and I don't finish posting it up there yet. I suggests you to read at Livejournal more as it's clearer and I have some sort of format set up there, like the addition of Summary, rating, and all. But then, it's finished here already and no, I don't edit the stories there, it's still the same~ Just some format. ^^

Basically I'm rambling too much here now, perhaps...

The updates is A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-I [The world we knew won't come back]-, which is, of course, the next update of the damn long three-shot. If you're wondering about the Part 3-I, read the A/N there. Haha~! Kill me, I know you want to. LOL.

Also, a new one-shot I wrote while in the midst of finishing the three-shot (pardon my laziness to type out the LONG title, why do I have to make it THAT long?), The Incessant Restriction of Catharsis. I love beautiful words, and might had accidentally abuse that liking in naming this story, which comes in a spur of the moment, really. Heck, everything about that story is on-spot idea, with no planning whatsoever, to my horror! LOL.

Hope that you enjoy the stories and leave some comments! It's okay to leave it here too, like Livejournal (as there might be people who are not sure) you can comment as anonymous but leave your name so I can identify who you are~ ^^

Oh! The comment section is the Secret Shelter, named after my favorite songs, LOL.

EDIT: Labeling this as One Shot Essay due to the links provided, and I'm Soooooo Random because, well, I am random, no? LOL.

Till then, ja ne~ Going to study for mid-term later...T_T

Music of the Day: Gackt-Redemption

P/S: A J-Rock from the oh-so-awesome Gackt. Heard about him earlier than TVXQ actually but never really got around to listen to his songs and Oh. God. It's damn rock! He's voice singing live (Japanese singers don't really do lip-syncing as far as I'm concern) is darn rocking (try watch his MKMF 2007 performance, that's where I first heard him anyway, heck even Heechul got his jaw dropping if you realize)! This song reveal the power in his voice and if you love Rock at its best like me, you'll love this, hands down.

In my playlist as per usual. Do I really have to mention this anytime I wonder? LOL.

~The-quite-blur-and-blank-at-the-moment Heiji.

P/S: Must be the aftereffect of turning 20...yes, that must be it~

There's some interesting things going on that day, and thanks (again) for the people who make it a damn memorable day to remember. Guys, you're darn awesome~

Post about it? Nah, it's too long already...better keep it in memory~ ^^

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