Friday, June 18, 2010

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-III- [The life we had won't be ours again]

As promised, I updated my blog (hahaha) and of course, along with my Livejournal as well. Just now, I post up Chapter 1 Part 6 and as the title says, another part of THE 3-shot

A Butterfly, A Louvre, and (Not) A Freer -Part 3-III- [The life we had won't be ours again]

...or rather the FINAL part of THE 3-shot.

Yes! It's the END (like finally)!! And as much as I'm happy about it there's still a tad melancholy feeling~ I mean, it's been a long time! The long journey, is, over. Still, this means a new journey of writing is set, no? ^^ Special thanks to Nazo, Saise/Kimmy Ai, Didy and my imouto Ainin for the enormous support and not giving up on this lazy writer and bugging me till I finish this xD

On the story, this is the first time I'm writing a 3-shot, usually I just end it quickly as one-shot I'm lazy like that or end up writing too much like Literally, but that's a different story, of course. What makes this more special is, I, at one point, always plan out the ending, regardless of how the story is, the ending is usually fixed thus the cliffhanger and whatnot but somehow, I can't seem to able to do same with this one. I have to admit even I am surprised with how it turns out to be, and I'm super satisfied with it, especially when I can include a lot of song lyrics in certain parts. Heck, I have a special playlist just for this! xD

I actually plan on posting other one-shot, but after a few contemplating with one another, I decided to go with this one. Besides, I don't think I can handle the wrath of people if I keep on delaying this, right? xD

Also, *drum-rolls* the REAL reason I'm posting this is to commemorate with my success in killing off the writer's block demon! Hahaha~ *evil laugh* I manage to write 767 words (I deliberately check this *gets bricked*) last night (which is A LOT for somebody who can hardly write 1 sentence before) and if my plan goes well and muse stays around this time, I might finish a one-shot before holiday ends! Yay~! I have high anticipation on this piece, maybe because I play around with styles, again so yeah~

On the side note, this will put Chapter 2 on hold so just kill me, my muse for that one had gone off for vacation in Tokyo, I think, darn it!

Back to the story, for this is what this post a meant to after all, thanks a lot for following this till the end with me, your support and encouragement, I'll held them dear forever! I'm really, really glad with this but then this is worthless if there's nobody reading it, so finally, thanks a lot to YOU who reads this! I'll try my best in my next stories so do continue take care of me. Thanks! *bows*

Do tell what is your feeling and take on this. It'll be great to hear from you! ^^

Music of the Day: Anzenchitai -Aoi Bara

P/S: I flail over this song to my friends on fb and am glad that they like it, so think it'll be great to say about it here, too! Though it's kind of ironic when the post above is damn happy and this is a sad song...(^^);

I first saw the pv on Channel V (in which Astro had remove from their program in favor to some FOX channel, to my uber disappointment. I mean, that's one of my fav channel, why do you have to take it off, WHY?!) and my first thought is "I HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THIS". Well, that pretty much sums things up, no?

The song is awesome, what with the guitar and all, and the pv is damn cool. The blue black scenes (Oh how I LOVE that) and some inserts of blue rose (Aoi Bara means Blue Rose, Aoi=Blue and Bara=Rose) compliments the atmosphere perfectly. Also, the lyrics. I don't know what is it really mean, I can make up it's a sad song from the words 'kanashii' and 'sabishii' along with 'nanimo' which typically screams sadness but even if you don't understand it, you can hear the sadness seeps in the flow of the song and the vocal. It's freaking awesome.

The band, which is the first time I heard about it, debuted almost 30 years ago (!!) and the members were all born on 50's. They reach the peak of their popularity on 80's-90's (I don't even born yet) and been on hiatus till they make a comeback with this single. Heck, the single debut on Top 10 Oricon weekly Chart straight away! (Wikipedia does wonders).

If you're looking for a song with pure music, amazing guitar riffs and all, this is perfect. You'll love it, damn sure. Speaking by experience here, after all~ :)

Going to download the pv later. xD


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