Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's June, a.k.a the second month of holiday. But I don't update my blog that much, huh? *gets bricked* Somehow I'm too lazy to do so...heck, I don't even write anything! *gasp* There's one that is under construction and I'm determined enough to complete it! The bad thing is it'll put Chapter 2 on hold. Kill me now, people~ *stab*

Either way, I've posted a new one-shot on Livejournal just now. The title is, like the one above obviously,


I wrote this when my laptop was sent to repair before and I play around with the style, which is numbering instead of the usual. Have to say I'm glad with how it turn out to be! ^^ Also, now that I think about it, I tend to change my style A LOT these days, numbering, days, parts, etc. The one I'm currently working also got different style (not telling~). I guess it appeals to me much? xD

I guess it give me some sort of versatile in writing, which I'm glad.

Contrary to the usual 3-posts-in-one-go format I commonly use when it comes to Livejournal, I just posted once, which is kind of weird to me. Ironically the title is One LOL. I'll posting more after this, no worries, it's just me being kind of lazy (when are you not? Duh) today and maybe I'm just not in the mood? Hmm~

Either way, I WILL post more before the end of June and the semester opens (No~~~) so do expect it! ^^

Have a good day, people~

Music of the Day: Matsushita Yuya -Mr. Broken Heart

P/S: The couple song to his first single 'Foolish Foolish', Mr. Broken Heart is currently on a constant repeat in my player. It's awesome!! The soothing voice of Yuya-san and the fast piano along with the beat of the melody compliments each other well! I don't have it on my playlist (I have the urge to take it off, somehow, it troubles me a lot these days, to my annoyance) as it's hard to find the song on YouTube. I wonder why?

This song is also the OST for a film 'Kanashii Boyfriend', in which Yuya-san himself acts in as the younger version of the main character. You can hear a snippet of it on the film trailer! I've been dying to get my hands on the film, thus developing my Google-ing skills and discovers the wonders which is torrent at the same time. Now I can find almost anything I want easily than before, except for this film, of course, talk about irony. Anybody know where to find this, please help! T_T

On the singer, people might recognize Yuya-san from the song 'Trust Me', which is the first ending song for the best, awesome anime 2010 Durarara!! (I'm bias ignore me xD) Yuya-san just release his first album recently (which is safe downloaded in my disk LOL) and have to say I'm impressed a whole lot by his talent. Can't wait to see what he may bring to us next! ^^




  1. Heiji-san!

    Just drop by for a minute. I promise i'll read your latest one shot after i finished my exam OR if my head got stuck! phew~

    Hey what's wrong with the song "Halo"? Did someone made a remix in japanese? I feel shocked for the first time i heard it. But it's cool somehow. Hehe.. ^^

  2. Kimmy-san!

    Haha! It's ok~ Take your time! Your constant support and interest on my work is always appreciated!! ^^

    Yup~ it's a remix by the oh-so-awesome DJ Masamixes (you can always search him on YouTube, he's famous enough~). He always mix Japanese/Korean Songs with international songs...the one with 'Halo' is 'Why did I Fall in Love with Your Halo', where he mixes Tohoshinki's Why did I Fall in Love with You and Beyonce's Halo LOL.

    I flail over the song before here http://heijihatsutori43171.blogspot.com/2009/11/chapter-1-day-our-world-disappear-part.html at the Music of the Day section as per usual...you may want to check it out~ :)

  3. the p/s part seems half of the things you update in here.. hehehehe..

    my "baby girl" has passed away.. so my father got me a new "baby girl" though it cannot replace the older one.. *sobs2*

    p/s : oh ya, my "baby girl" send her regard to you.. *wink*

  4. Hahahaha!! I know~ somehow just can't stop promoting xD *gets bricked*

    Oh~~ My condolences..T_T Well...better have than none, no?

    Oh! Send my regards to her back~ ^^