Thursday, June 24, 2010

Articulating Irony Forgotten

I am happy, like seriously happy. Why? because the one-shot that I mentioned on last post is already FINISHED!! \o/ *cheers* I had a hard time finishing it (despite the muse hanging about, and heck, when I finished it and ready to celebrate -sort of- the door opened by itself, along with the sound effect and is that?!) and end up spamming my fb wall lately. =_=|| Even so, now, I can proudly say, that I wrote something this holiday! Yay~~~

To commemorate with that (of course), I decided to update the blogs! I posted up Part 7 of Chapter 1 (I really have to get Chapter 2 moving...T_T) and a one-shot;

Articulating Irony Forgotten

This one-shot is actually a somewhat (long) epilogue to The Incessant Restriction of Catharsis, and might be a bit confusing (=_=) so it's best if you read the first installment before you read this~ ^^

About the recently finished one-shot...I'll post that one later~ *gets bricked*

Now, since the muse is still around, what should I write next...? Do give any prompt, idea, heck even plot if you like! It'll be great to hear what do you like for me to try! ^^

Oh, no romantic story please. Angst is the ultimate forte here~ LOL. :P

Do let me know what do you think on it! ^^

Music of the Day: Theatre Brook -Mirai wo Ima

P/S: A couple song in the Durarara!! OP single 'Uragiri no Yuuyake' by Theatre Brook, which I love love love the song (and the anime, but that's a whole different story altogether) very much due to the catchy crazy beat!

In contrast to that, 'Mirai wo Ima' is slower and the beat is a tad simpler compare to 'Uragiri no Yuuyake' and this gives a balance to the whole single. The vocal compliments the song and the long song (It's 6 min!) gives the chance to enjoy the instrumental aspect of the song, which is great! You can hear the many sounds of guitar, and the drum beat comes in at the right time, and GUH, it's awesome. Do check it out! ^^

On a side note, my P/S section tends to get longer than the original post and that, is BAD. I'll try to reduce the amount of fangirling...-_-;


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