Sunday, January 10, 2010

Technopreneurship and the Never-Ending Discussion...

Before I even start rambling about, I am currently a First Year student in Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Labuan International Campus (or UMS-KAL for short) aiming for a degree or Bachelor of Information Technology in E-commerce. Basically, my course deals with online trading, business topics, and also computer programming, which is why I'm a constant user of computer, or rather, a geek. I'm now in the second semester of my three year program, which also equals to the total of six semester overall.

Back to the topic, I had a discussion for my Technopreneurship subject last night. This subject is quite a critical one, for this might just be the platform for life after the degree. For the subject the students are required to form groups of 5 and come up with a business project. The groups are to act like they are a company, along with the members hold a position whether it is CEO (the boss), CMO (marketing), CFO (financial), CIO (information gathering), and CTO (technology -which most likely become my position, I'm a geek, remember?).

So, this project is no doubt the biggest assignments we ever had, because, if we're lucky enough, we might get the chance to represent the university and present our project to the companies out there and gets hired after obtaining the degree. In the competitive world nowadays, chances like this is like one in a million. This means, the chances to success depends largely to the group performance, and that causes a chaos in order to get the best member for the team. Mark the word there, chaos. The leader of our group, which is also a good friend of mine, summarize the situation perfectly at his blog here.

The discussion last night was a depressing one. Our group was facing risks of losing two members to other group which apparently, had their eyes on the said members from the very beginning, and dispute ensues. The tug-and-war situation between the two groups, to be frank, is nerve wrecking. In the end, we lose the two members, as they already promised to stay in the other group at the first place and felt bad for leaving them just like that to join us, and that makes us left with only three, me, the CEO, and another guy. The CEO is going crazy, for there are no other people left available, and the guy is depressed for the two members are his friends. I, on the other hand, tried to sent messages around to ask for any people who was available. My phone vibrates again minutes later and a message came, from a friend, much to my relief. Surprisingly, we found a new member and the heavy air around up dispersed away. The meeting ended with a quite happy tone for the group as there is one less burden for us now.

I'll have another discussion tonight and God knows how it will turn out this time. As much as I'm concerned, our group (or rather, company?) is still short of a member. We asked a senpai about this and she told us that it's ok even if it's just 4 in a group. Still, it'll be better to have five in a group, right? <---took this quote from somebody famous, cookies for those who can guess who~ LOL. I'll have a hard time to post the Japanese greeting for now but rest assure that I will do so but maybe not in the future. The classes are starting to get hectic and the lecturer this semester just loves test so much he conduct it every week (glance at Fuji-sensei the Japanese lecturer)! Haii~ do give me your support, minna-san~

There's talk about the one-week break for Chinese New Year. My friends had been teasing me saying I'll go back now that home is nearer than before (just a 40-minute flight!) but for now, I can confidently say that I don't have the plan to do so. I can bet there's loads of work to be done at that time (again, glance at Fuji-sensei). Besides, my friends are all staying too so it's not like I'll be alone, right? Still, that's just planning. We don't know what'll happen in the future, right?

The discussion will start at 8 and I hope this time it'll go smoothly. People tend to have a bad day these days so it'll be great if we can finally pass the storm now. ^^

Till then, minna-san, ganbatte kudasai! Hwaiting~ LOL.

Music of the Day: Utada Hikaru -Apple and Cinnamon

P/S: The piano and beat compliments each other creating an awesome fully English song by Utada. Her pronunciation is good too and you don't really have to look at the lyric to understand her. As always, on my playlist below~

Wondering why this post seems quite monotone? Somehow, I have no idea why either.

~Indifferent Heiji.

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The note lies innocently on the table.

"Just let me disappear."

The pale moonlight from the window shines on it, the rest of the room engulfs in darkness.

"Even when I know there is no such thing like [running] forever."


  1. Hi!!! Long time no see! I hope everything is turning out fine in school, and this project of yours! We all have our Miharu days every now and then, so hopefully everything goes smooth and things turn out fine. Good luck!

  2. Ahh! Heiji-san! Where's your post list? I can't find your previous posts!

    p/s: sure this is the shortest comment. Good luck with your work and study!

    with love~

  3. Nemy~~~ Miss you so much!!

    So far everything is (kind of) ok but the internet loves playing me around that it took me LONG time to reply to this...and all the conversation in your blog...damn it! Now I missed you~

    This project is going on okay...while the number of tests for Japanese class is too much I lost count of it..but still it's cool~

    Thanks a zillion for dropping by and I'll try my best to drop by your blog later~ ^^

  4. Kimmy~~~~~~~ another person I missed badly~ T_T list? Just check my blog archive and you'll find it! ^^'s short..but it's ok..I know you're damn busy~

    Thanks a zillion~!! Good luck with your upcoming exams too!! ^^