Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hotarubi no Mori e (In the Forest of Fireflies)


I was wondering around my blog list as usual and stumble upon this post at Animeshoon I always check this blog for the blogger (I don't know and sure whether it's a he or she...though somehow I think it's a she LOL) always post about the latest anime episodes and stuffs...this time to commemorate with the blog's 2-year anniversaries the blogger put on some links to download a manga (the one on the post title) and 2 movies...which I might download one...depends on my mood~

So...(as if it's not obvious enough) I'm going to recommend the manga (the reason I put the link above is so that you can download it...aren't I sweet? LOL Unfortunately for me, 4shared simply hates me (I can never download from there...tsk~) so I search and read it online instead at Mangafox and wow~ I can't resist myself to post about it here...

Basically, this is a one-volume manga which consist of 4 one-shots altogether...
1) Overhearing a Flower Song
2) Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light (Hotarubi no Mori E)
3) The Fallling of Autumn Leaves
4) Deepening the Scar - deals with incest, and it displays the feelings of a sister towards her brother

The pic and the synopsis below is for the second one-shot and the title of the volume Hotarubi no Mori e...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By HeijiHatsutori at 2009-12-07

A little girl is lost in an enchanted forest and is rescued by a masked young boy. They become friends but the boy refuses to let her touch him. Years pass, the little girl grows up. She returns to the forest and finds that her feelings for the boy has changed. The boy still refuses to be touched, saying that he will disappear...
(credits to Animeshoon.blogspot.com)

As for the stories...they are all awesome~ My favorite must be the second story...and they make a great choice naming the volume after that particular story...it moved me to tears! I can't really tell how the story goes for all 4 of it (these are all one-shots remember?) and I'm not sure how to portray them to words either so all that I can say is after reading it all, especially the second and the fourth story I feel like my heart just stops breathing...it breaks my heart and achingly beautiful...and damn, I'm incoherent...it's that good, mind you.

The arts are simple and beautiful and Midorikawa Yuki-sensei is simply awesome...each panels means something and it flows perfectly with the stories...it also occurs to me that she is the manga-ka to one of the anime I want to find and download and watch, Natsume Yuujinchou...or something like Natsume's Book of Friends...the series already got the second season and is said to be good and had always pricked my interest...I'm damn sure going to download it after this...

I love following/reading the forums there at Mangafox and the good thing about all these discussions is they usually recommend a similar style manga or something equally as good...and upon landing a recommendation linking to Tsukuba Sakura-sensei I feel like 'damn, that's sooo true!' And now I forgot again to recommend her works...*sigh~*

I'm sorry for not much information perhaps (there's no article for her at Wikipedia and somehow it pissed me off a bit) so I'm going to put on links to read her works at Mangafox
and Onemanga.

They got different works of her at both sites so do check them all out! I'm going to do so too! But really, you HAVE to read this...and enjoys it and maybe cries a bit like me...it's too...oh god I'm out of words to say...

Mind you, not much series can drive me like this...Midorikawa Yuki-sensei is awesome...did I repeat the words now? Pardon my lack of vocabularies...my mind simply not in it's best state now...so blur, so numb, and heck, I don't even know what the hell did I type now! ARGHH~

Might as well read her other series before sleep (dang it what time is it now??) and might cries myself to bed...listening to this song (read the music of the day below) in repeat mode does not help me much either...seriously, why am I so emo tonight (or should I say this morning)? I need to snap myself out of it or I'll go crazy...still, do read and enjoy it, people!!

BTW, I started posting on my Livejournal and will put all of my stories there but no worries, I'm not going to abandon this blog...still going to post stories (that makes it 2 blogs for stories!) and rant about...haha~ That journal is going to be specifically for my writing as there are lots of awesome writers there and OMG I already got myself a reader for Literally! I hope by this I'm going to really improve myself and get more idea to write! Still, everyone's support is much loved~ Thanks!

Till the, take care people! Ja ne~

Music of the day: Kawada Mami -Another Planet

P/S: This is one of the OSTs for the anime Shakugan no Shana the first season and I must say I've fallen for Kawada Mami's voice already...there are many songs of hers that become anime songs and I like most of them! I never watch Shakugan no Shana before (the only episode I did watch turns out to be the last episode instead! ARGHH~) but really going to do so!

Another Planet can be consider as a slow song from Kawada compares to other anime songs from her like Hishoku no Sora (also from Shakugan no Shana), Asu e no Namida (Onegai Twins), and PSI-Missing (To aru Majutsu no Index) and it actually caught me by suprised that her voice can actually sound so soothing and the mid-tempo melody just compliments it all perfectly...check it out at my playlist as always! ^^

I read and copy the translations just before I read the manga above and it really is a damn mistake of me...this song can be considers as quite a sad song...with the longing feeling and all and reading this volume after that just kills me at the heart twice harder...I might post the lyrics here after this...and I'm soooo going to write something from it...

I don't know why I did what I did...listening to this song (I can always stop the song to be frank) while reading the freaking heartbreaking manga...masochist enough? Or maybe I'm just damn emo...tsk~

I'm rambling, damn it.

~The-quite-unstable-at-3AM Heiji

I'm too blur and numb to write something now.

Pardon me.



  1. Hi! I'm glad you liked the manga. :)

  2. Hi! Yes..it's too good to miss! Thanks for recommending it! ^^