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Author: Heiji Hatsutori (yup, that's me.)
Proclaimed: I own them all, enough said.

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-PART 8-

“Words are dangerous, Yong-jae.”

“Why is that?”

We were having our usual lunch on the school roof. I eat my lunchbox from home and Seul-ri with the super-spicy-sardine-bun, the canteen lady’s specialty. It is indeed very spicy, and as far as I’m concern, Seul-ri is the only person who was able to eat it with no troubles at all, to the amusement of the canteen lady herself, that sometimes, she added the ingredients twice the spiciness, to test Seul-ri that is. Yet The-Invisible never lose, even for once. The canteen lady tried harder each day that she eventually breaks the record of making the spiciest sardine bun ever! I wonder if Seul-ri ever eats it. No, I wonder if there is even any person in this world who would eat that bun! Not a great idea, I guess. Or so I think.

“You see, pens are mightier than swords.”
“I know that, what are you trying to say actually?
“Words can leave a big print on the heart. It can kill you softly. If you’re hurt physically, it will heal. But if you’re hurt mentally, your heart is hurt, scarred, whatever, it’ll take a long time to heal. Also, words can actually imprisoned someone deep under. It controls you without you even realize it. That can happen, you know.”
“You sound like a Physiologist to me, Seul-ri. Something’s wrong? Why you suddenly…”
“It’s nothing, it just popped out of my head, must be because of the bun.”

I took a glance at the bun, and the color of the sardine shivers me up, there was nothing but red. And it is a lot darker than usual.

“Seul-ri, that bun…”
“Oh? It’s the record breaking bun. You know; the spiciest one. I asked the canteen lady to make one for me yesterday. For some reason she looked so happy when I did. I wonder why?”

I can feel my jaw drop off. My whole body start to shiver up, not because of the bun, but the look on Seul-ri’s face, is so normal! And that is the record bun, for God’s sake!

“How is it?”
“It’s good! Awesome!! I’m ordering it again tomorrow, you want it too?”

I felt like fainting.

“I thought so. But this is indeed really good! That canteen lady is sure an expert, do remind me to ask the type of chili she used, must be good for snack.”
“Seul-ri…are you…somehow…a devil? How can you eat that?
“I am…is there anything wrong?”

There is the grin.

“No…forget it.”
“Ok…if you say so, Yong-jae.”

I never realize it before, maybe because I never really talked about Seul-ri to others. I usually call the name, Seul-ri when we talked to each other, just as I am referred as Yong-jae.

“No he, she, or whatever.”

Those words…

“Words can actually imprisoned someone deep under. It controls you without you even realize it.”

I was controlled by it. Literally.

“Kid, you’re crying?”

I find myself tongue-tied, and hurt. Seul-ri is my friend, the only person I have in this world, yet how can I did this, saying as if we are strangers? Since when did I put a barrier between us? How can I be so…heartless?

Wait…I already am.

“We’re done. Let’s go.”
“How about the kid? Are we going to leave him just like this? At least attach the wound a bit.”
“We don’t have much time for that! The faster we leave the better. I have a bad feeling that devil will come. Besides, he’ll die anyway sooner or later, no need to bother.”
“But sir…”

. Mr. Lee and the guy are preparing to leave. The crystal is put in a transparent box, shining brightly. The guard looks at me and his eyes soften a bit.

“I used to have a son your age, kid. We need the crystal, but I don’t really wish for you to die the way he did. I don’t expect you to forgive us, either. Hate me if you want. I’ll feel better that way.”

With that said, he stands up yet I manage to grab his hand.

“Tell me why you did this.”

Looking at me, right in the eye, he answers.

“It’s for the sake of our master tomorrow.”
“So you killed your son for him?”

There is a slight pause.

“No, my wife did, his mother.”
“At least…I was killed by a stranger, not a family member.”

Those words must have hit him hard, for his expressions worsen.

“You know where to poke the needle.”
“Seul-ri’s better than me. You can really cry.”

“Put the box down, now.”

All eyes turn to the direction of the voice, which is on my right. It is Seul-ri, in the worst condition ever. Blood all over the body, on the right side of the face, under the lips, on the clothes, which are also torn here and there, yet somehow, the eyes, those black eyes, is still so cold. There is no light at all, dark. Slowly, the legs start moving towards us. Each step leaves drops of blood behind yet there’s no stopping Seul-ri. The eyes just fixes at the box.

“Speak of the devil…”
“No way, you beat all of my man?!”
“…your friend here is not human, kid.”

The guard stands up, and spread his arms, preventing Seul-ri from moving forward. I try to move myself, but my arms and legs are all numb, I forgot they give me anesthetics before, and I feel myself more helpless than ever.

“Get out of my way.”
“I don’t repeat twice.”
“You can’t fight me in that condition.”
“Says who?”

Seul-ri runs towards the guard, holding his right fist. The guard is getting ready to catch Seul-ri when suddenly the body bends down, the right leg stretched outward and swings to the guard’s left leg, locking it, and causing him to fall flat on the floor. Immediately Seul-ri starts to get up, to chase after Mr. Lee who had already left with the crystal but the guard is quick enough to grab Seul-ri’s left leg, pulling the latter down on the floor, with a painful groan. I bet it hit the wound on the shoulder first, drops of blood starts pooling where the shoulder lands. The guard stands up, but not letting his guard down, for he immediately turns Seul-ri’s body to face him and pins the arms. The guard shook his head a bit and let out a sigh, he must have not expected that.

“Tell me, kid. Who are you, really? You’re no human. You’re more like…”
“A devil? I am, heard that a million of times already.”
“I don’t want to kill you here.”
“I don’t want to die here either.”
“Give up already, your friend’s dying over there.”

Seul-ri turns to face me. The look on the face is indescribable. The guard gets up slowly before hitting Seul-ri on the stomach with a side of his hand. The pain must have been excruciating. Seul-ri hardly catches a breath.

“Sorry. Just as a precaution. You’re unpredictable.”

The guard is on his feet now. The sound of car coming from outside and he quickly walk past Seul-ri, reaching the door. There, he turns, when Seul-ri suddenly calls him.

“You’ll be sorry for letting me alive today. I’ll get the crystal back, no matter what.”
“I’ll be waiting for you then, devil, waiting for you to kill me.”

He looks at me and smiles as he said that. Of course, Seul-ri didn’t see it. He closes the door and leave. At the very instant, Seul-ri gets up, and moves closer to me, the right hand on the chest.

“Yong-jae…hold on.”
“I won’t let you die, trust me.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I…the way I address you…”

I don’t know how to say it. Seeing Seul-ri, covered in blood, makes me sick. But I have to say it somehow. Seul-ri deserves to know.

“It’s alright. I already know.”
“I heard it all. Sorry, but I put a bug on your shirt. That’s how I find you here.”

So Seul-ri already knows. Oh god…

“It’s ok. I don’t mind. That’s better actually, and I already noticed this a long time ago to be exact.”
“I mean it. That hides me from other people. They don’t have to know who I am, who I really am. I’m grateful for that, that’s why I never say anything. I’m happy, that you are the only one who knows me. I’m glad it’s you, Yong-jae.”
“The one at fault is me, Yong-jae. I hide a lot of things from you.”
“I don’t mind, Seul-ri.”

There is a smile.

“It’s coming out now, Yong-jae.”
“My heart.”

Seul-ri closes both eyes; hand on the chest, concentrating. Then, on counting to three, blood splashes out from the body as I stare in horror. There, on the hand covered in blood, is another crystal, black.

“You don’t have to cut the chest open, seriously. Those guys just don’t know the right method, didn’t they?”

The black crystal, the devil’s heart, the one they say the strongest.

“Seul-ri…that is…”
“I told you, I’m a devil alright.”
“But why…”
“I’m giving this to you, as a replacement.”
“But you’ll die!”

Seul-ri just smiles, and moves closer, the hand reaches out for my opened chest.

“No…Seul-ri…stop it! I don’t want your heart!”
“There’s no stopping me, Yong-jae. I promised your mother, that I will protect you, no matter what.”

Seul-ri smiles again, sweetly, and put the crystal into my body. I can feel like something burning and then it stops suddenly. Somehow, I feel like…normal.

“Ok, done. It blends well with your body, good.”

I’m speechless. I could not think of anything. Now, Seul-ri’s heart is mine, and that makes Seul-ri heartless. I was about to die just now, yet Seul-ri…

“I’ll attach the wound. Don’t worry. My mother used to be a nurse, so I know a bit here and there on how to do it. I’ve done it before, just trust me, ok?”

Seul-ri starts to attach the wound with full concentration. It took faster than I thought. For a minute it’s all done. Looking at Seul-ri, I feel like crying.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m not going to die easily. Stop crying, will you? I promise, I get your heart back, it belongs to you, and you only. I’ll get it back for you, I swear. Till then, take care of mine, ok?”

“You’ll hate me for doing this, I know. But I want you to know, no matter what, you are the most precious person in my life.”
“Seul-ri…you are also my most precious person, Seul-ri.”
“Really? Thanks…I’ll remember that. Because of that, also, please…”

Seul-ri put a hand on my face, closing my eyes. I can feel my head starts to get dizzy. Everything starts to go black. I have a bad feeling about this.



And that person said it.

“Don’t forgive me.”

---------------------------------END OF CHAPTER 1----------------

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