Tuesday, July 28, 2009

After a Long Journey~

Hi! How are you guys doing so far? (reminds me of a part before the second verse in Kiss the Baby Sky by TVXQ…haha!) Hope you’ll be doing great! ^^

It's been a loooooong time since I last post here..seriously. Well..can't blame me though...life's hard at the moment...T_T What with the tasks, lack of water, lack of money, and my precious laptop is off for repair!! T_T Still...life must go on...^^

Just so you know, I'm now a university student! (hardly believe it myself, really...haha!) I'm officially a freshman (shouldn't it be freshwoman? LOL.) of Universiti Malaysia Sabah Kampus Antarabangsa Labuan! (UMS-KAL) I'm studying about E-commerce so going to spend more time on computer to study...(yeah, right!) No, I really going to study! *sigh* Guys, do give this poor girl support to study...o_o"

About the story…the title (for now maybe…but might just stick with it) is ‘Literally’. Somehow I really like the word! Literally…for most of the things happening is for real, and the characters mean it, literally. Haha! Seriously, the title itself inspires me much! What do you think? ^^

I'll be posting more updates of Literally soon so do give comments! It'll be great to hear from you! ^^ Pardon my bad English...I really need a total advice to improve it...*sigh*

Till then, hope you guys enjoy the stories, leave up some comments, and wish me luck! May you guys be happy always! Peace!! ^^


  1. huhuh..literally..
    adekah namenye akn kekal cmtu??
    hope the title would be more to bombastic words!

  2. Bombastic?? well...bgi r idea! haha~ but I like Literally...^^