Tuesday, July 28, 2009


That answer leaves not just me, but also Mr. Lee in shock. Seul-ri put a hand in a pocket, taking out two folded paper, open it and shoves it to Mr. Lee, clear enough for me to see. There is an article with a picture of a man in mid-forties beside it, and another paper with a rough sketched face of a man that looks just like Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee’s face changes all of the sudden.

That is the real president of this branch. Lee Sung Hwan. Apparently he was missing since about 2 years ago.”
“Yes, that’s true...I’m taking over for the time being.”
“I’m not finished, yet. According to the inside information, this man...”

Seul-ri’s finger now is on Mr. Lee’s sketched face.

“....once accused for fraud at the Southern-area a few years back and the culprit is still roaming free now. Just because this is not a big city don’t think you can get away that easy.”
“I…I don’t know anything about this. You must have been mistaken....”
“Oh, really? Think you could got us, didn’t you? We’re not that stupid, you know. Any other idiot in this world would think this offer is suspicious, so I made a research a bit, on this company, on the president, and so on. Unfortunately for you, internet got it all. All. It also helps that I have my own means in finding the information.”

Mr. Lee turns even paler. I find myself lost for words. So Seul-ri really finds it suspicious after all. I feel bad for regretting that I asked yesterday. I do not know what will happen if I did not.

“You could be arrested for swindle-attempt, you know. I bet you’re a novice in this area. Any professional would not do this kind of mistake. Too bad for you, you’re in jail after this.”

Seul-ri takes out a cell phone, and start dialing the numbers. Police.

“Go on, dial it.”

Seul-ri stops. There is a grin on Mr. Lee’s face.

“You have no proof; besides, the police won’t believe punks like you guys anyway. I can say that you try to trick me, and get you on the jail instead.”

There is a wider grin now. He really sounds confident. Indeed we have no proof. Or so I think.

“Oh, really? You just underestimate me, you know.”

This time it is Seul-ri that is grinning.

“Do you know that cell phones have lots of functions these days?”

Mr. Lee lost his grin instantly.

“You have no proof; besides, the police won’t believe punks like you guys anyway. I can say that you try to trick me, and get you on the jail instead.”

“I just record every single thing that you said just now. Every single thing, you know. This is a whole lot of proof already. Too bad, you’re no match to me.”

The grin widens. I could not help but to smile too. Seul-ri is just too good.

“Look, we need to talk.”

“You guys want money right? That’s why you’re here at first place. I could give you money, a million? No, two millions, I give you two millions each. The total is four millions. How is it?”
“Oh dear, now you try to bribe us, huh?”
“No! This is not bribing, we exchange things, I give you money, and you delete the recording, how is it?”
“It still sounds like bribing for me.”

Mr. Lee looks like he is losing for words. He tries a little too hard to calm himself down. His hand is all over the place and his eyes keep on wandering the room, avoiding Seul-ri’s. In a split second though, I can see his eyes meets the guards’ behind us and gives out some sort of signal to him. The guard moves forward all of the sudden, trying to attack Seul-ri.

“Seul-ri, behind…”

It all happens too fast. I can see Seul-ri’s left leg on the air and hit the guard right on the upper chest, knocking him down unconscious, instantly.


I do not even get to finish my sentence. This person’s reflexes are still the best.

“Man that was close. Trying to play dirty, huh? Attack from behind? I’m lucky Yong-jae notice it quickly enough. Thanks pal!”

I can only smile at those words. Seriously, I am sure Seul-ri already notices the attack and the signal, for that black eye never leaves Mr. Lee’s face.

“First you try to swindle us, then you try to bribe us, and now you try…no, you already attack me. Seriously, you can be charge with three offenses! That’s one brave guy for you. Oh, by the way, did I tell you that all this are still recorded?”

My eyes widen upon hearing those words while Mr. Lee’s jaw drops.

“No way…you have got to be kidding me!”
“This is a new model. It can record things for a long time, you know. Technology is very cool.”

Seul-ri loves playing the opponent very much, and it seems like this person is enjoying the situation to the fullest right now.

“Let me tell you one thing, I love money, so much, but, I earn it. Even if you offer all the money in this world, I will never take it. Never. It’s because people like you exists in this world that people like us will never be free. I despise this very, very much.”

Seul-ri’s voice and face changed. It is more serious now.

“I won’t be happy if I don’t punch you now.”

Seul-ri put the cell phone back into the pocket. Holding both fists together, Seul-ri is ready to attack.

“Seul-ri, wait!”

Seul-ri stops, turning back to me.

“I want to ask him something.”

Mr. Lee got his attention to me. So do Seul-ri. Upon meeting my eye, Mr. Lee smiles. Somehow, he manages to calm himself down.

“How do you know me? This is our first meeting together, but you are completely sure that I am Kim Yong-jae. Sorry, Seul-ri, I couldn’t help but to ask, it’s been bothering me.”
“It’s fine. Hey, I don’t even think of that! You really keep your composure, didn’t you?”
“I leave the anger thing to you. You’re better than me in it anyway.”
“That’s right. It’s just so true! Man, you really know me.”
“I take that as a compliment. Thanks!”
“Yeah, whatever. I won’t try to act all funny if I were you, Lee.”

Mr. Lee was just trying to walk away from the table, as he and Seul-ri are separated just by it. He has both his hands on his back as if he is holding something.

“What’s on your hand?”
“Nothing! See?”

Indeed, there is nothing at all. Seul-ri still feels suspicious maybe, for now this person is already standing next to Mr. Lee, one hand on his collar.

“You asked me how I know you, right. Kim Yong-jae.”
“You have something we want.”
“And what is that?”
“You’ll know soon enough.”

Mr. Lee grins, and his elbow hit Seul-ri on the chest, trying to break free. Seul-ri balances the body from falling with one leg, while the other one find its way straight to Mr. Lee’s face, knocking him down.


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