Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New nom de plume...

Hi! Konnichiwa! Hope you guys are doing great! ^^

Just finish a oh-my-head-is -so-blur computer programming lecture that lasts for 2 hours...I kind of having a grasp of it here and there...but overall it is still toooo confusing! Going to go through the notes again after this..*sigh* Have to be strong though! Gambatte!!! ^^

Some of you might have realized it but I got myself a new address for this blog! ^^ h-e-i-j-i-hatsutori is kind of toooo long...isn't it? So I've changed it to heijihatsutori43171! I originally want it to be heijihatsutori only but it is not I added 43171 at the end of it! ^^ BTW, nom de plume is French for nickname, or nama samaran...^^ I kind of positive it's French...just go through the dictionary and found it...hee~

So..what does 43171 stands for? for me to know...and for you to find out! haha! Do drop some comments and tell me what do you think it means! It's quite easy actually you presents for those who get it right though! But a token of ultimate appreciation will do...ok? haha! ^^

I'll post the rest of chapter 1 maybe next week...for the story is in my out-of-service-due-to-repair laptop...but rest assure that I'll definitely post it a.s.a.p! Currently thinking of ideas for the next chapter...and find myself excited already! ^^ I weird? heh!

Feel free to leave comments on the story! I am a newbie in this writing business so really need help in order to improve myself! Especially my English...if you happen to found any mistakes that I did, do point it out! I'll be appreciating it to the max! ^^ Hontouni...arigatou gozaimasu! *bows*

Till then, do take care everyone! ^^

P/S: my sisters school is closed for quarantine due to H1N1...things are getting worrisome now, don't they? Do take care of your health wherever you are! ^^


  1. 43171???
    hahaaaa.. let me ask my crsytal ball..
    wait ah...


    i dont know la... but i think its related to
    something very special 4u.. myb ur birthday?
    or ur future kids? or mayb combination of d.o.b of u n ur special partner! haa..haaa..just joking..

    btw, congrates! i did read ur story above..
    quite interesting laa..
    but i hope 4 nex programming class it 'll not bring u (also me taw) into a "pening-ngantuk-lapar" world...
    i bet u know what our hensem dean in front 'll do.. heeehee =)

  2. Well..thanks for the comment!! ^^ But the answer is...wrong!!! Good try there though~ hehe~

    Thanks again for reading the story!! I'm touched~ haha! Can't guarantee I'll escape from the 'pening-ngantuk-lapar- world...class at 8 and the cafe is still close and I'm hungry~ haha! Will try my best though...let's do our best!! Gambatte!!!! ^^

    Hensem? Hmm~ not my type though...muahahaha!!!! Juz joking...but it's true about the type...hee~

  3. well.. u heard about 31 of our student got suspected 4 having +ve h1n1? and among them, we got 3 students having +ve h1n1... hahaaa.. better u take a veru gud care of urself!!! =)

  4. Seriously?? Woaa~ well..too myself a very bad sore throat already..going to go see the doctor...*sigh*

  5. could u please send me the blog address or ape2 la yg berkaitan ngan lakonan titas kite tu....

  6. 43171...
    i'll try to find out this very-secret-number-of-yours neh..hahah..

  7. One thing to be said...pah...gambatte!!! hee~

  8. ouh,,
    adakah 43171 tu ade kaitan dgn bberapa huruf ini?
    just try to figure it out!

  9. Er...mane dpt 2? Again..wrong!! haha~ xde stu pun hruf yg kna dlm 5 2...gud luck again! ^^